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Fallen Tyrant Blak Metal Band


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Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Freitag, 22. April 2016

More updates


by the holy grandmother of Satan, it's been three months since I updated this page? Well, time flies... and we have, as usually, been quite busy in the meanwhile. First of all, we drove to Lörrach, near the Swiss border, on a short notice, to fill in for some band that had to cancel for health reasons. So, Fallen Tyrant played at a concert with a bunch of thrash metal bands, which turned out to be a good thing - worked quite well, obviously also for the reason that we just look a lot better on stage than a bunch of thrashers in street clothes. ;-) Quite a good live start for the year. There's also a video, with inferior sound quality, which you can check out below: We're actually playing an unreleased song there, so if you're REALLY interested...

After the gig, we drove home in the ice rain, which was also an experience - but we made it home safe.

Next in line was Hofheim, on February 20th. Large event with 6 bands, we turned out to be more or less the soundcheck, with PA speakers constantly dropping out and stuff like that. Did probably turn a few people off, and somehow, connection to the audience didn't seem to happen. However, we got a) a few nice reviews, b) sold quite a lot of merch and c) got the video below, which is actually good! Sound is from the studio though...

Next up: Saarbrücken, March 19th. This kind of took me back to the olden days, as we played at the Devil's Place, where I played one of my first gigs with my main band Wight. Nice little gig with Sunshine & Lollipops (yes, that's a black metal band - check them out if you like a mix of Celtic Frost and total complete madness, their new album is actually surprisingly good!), us in the middle and then Carn Dum from Saarbrücken. Well, despite some organisational difficulties beforehand, Unholy Constellation Concerts managed to pull off a good concerts with a good audience. Speaking of audience, here's to the worthless motherfucker in the first row who kept messing with our stage props, drinks and pedalboards:

a) If you want to get drunk as fuck and mess with the band, you're not only wrong at a black metal concert, you're wrong at any concert.
b) Don't be surprised if a band member jumps off the stage to get on your ass - especially if you have been warned repeatedly and your last reply was "Shut up and play!"
c) Going on about it the entire evening and going so far as calling us "NSBM assholes" doesn't make you look any better.

Apart from that cunt, I quite liked this gig.

Only a week later, Bobstadt. Nice gig, shit sound, some nice pictures, all around a good evening with our friends from Hyems. A fair bit too many skinheads in the audience for my taste...

Hyems decided our drummer looks like Mark Wahlberg...

... while Nihlathak is always good for some grim pics...
... and Mithras couldn't find the non-existant whammy on his new guitar. Pics by Somna Artifacts.

So, here we are now, looking at two more gigs in the coming week:

Saturday, April 23rd, JUZ Göttingen, with a few Death Metal bands.
Thursday, April 28th, JUZ Mannheim with Yellow Eyes from the US (who are supposed to be some secret tip these days, so check them out if you like.)

After that, we'll retreat from the live front for a while to finish up the album.

That's it.

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