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Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012



we've got some news. Unfortunately not concerning the album, which is still to be mixed. That will happen this and next month though, so the end is in sight.

But as we're world known as a party band - we do have the funny face paint and shit - we have been invited to not one, but two CD release party. We will support APOPKRYPHA and VARGSHEIM, who both have new albums coming out, at the Immerhin Würzburg on February 22nd, 2013. On March 16th, 2013, we will make our way to the far east... of Germany to support our friends from ARROGANZ at their CD release concert. Check that band out if you haven't already. Black thrash maniacs BITCHHAMMER are also on the line up for that evening, so watch out!

I'm currently in the process of booking more gigs, which, as usually, goes slow, but works. So we'll keep them coming, check our sites for regular updates.

Also, we have recently joined bandcamp. At fallentyrant.bandcamp.com you can download the first two demos for free and buy our most recent demo. Once the album is out, you will also be able to order it there.


Freitag, 16. November 2012

What's up?


it's been a while. I'm not in a mood to post pointless bullshit every day just to keep you entertained, so I take some time to just post pointless bullshit to keep you entertained every once in a while.

Kidding aside, you might actually want to know what we are doing. Well, I'm back and recovering from a nice tour with Wight, and I really need a vacation, but despite that fact we're not sitting on our lazy asses doing nothing, that's for sure. I have been communicating with some people getting the first 2013 live appearances fixed. We have no album out yet, the local black metal scene isn't doing so well, especially in the live sector, and Sperrfeuer and I also play in other bands which are quite busy, so it's not that easy, but we have some stuff coming up, so stay tuned.

Furthermore, I am having a very creative time right now. For some reason, I usually get creative when I have absolutely no time to work all the ideas out - which is the case right now. I am trying to get myself at least an hour a day to work on new ideas beside my job and studies though, and it kind of works at the moment. Keep in mind I also have to practise quite a bit to keep my bass playing skills up for my other band.
 I presented some riffs for a new song to the other two guys today to a great response, so I guess I'm quite successful with my work flow. Also, we are still working on another new song, which has the fastest and most technically challenging riffs and drum patterns we have done so far.Which doesn't say much considering our amateurish approach at playing instruments, but it's still hard to learn. ;-)

But we ain't done yet. As my bandmate from Wight, Rene, who is in charge of producing and mixing our album, is currently on tour as the sound engineer for My Sleeping Karma, who support Monster Magnet on their current European tour, the mixing dates are postponed to December. Meanwhile, we have some time to take care of the artwork. I must admit that it's quite hard for me - I'm a creative musician, but I have less than zero imagination when it comes to visual art. Luckily, I have band mates who are a bit different. Our stage imagery is based on ideas by DTM and Sperrfeuer, and it's going to be the same with the album artwork. The guys had a very creative evening tonight, with me only sitting around, drinking good Hessian beer and saying "Hey, that's great!" or "Fuck hell, this looks horrible!" every once in a while. We're not done yet by a long shot, but it is starting to take shape.

Well, that's it for today. Tomorrow, I will be heading to Würzburg to play bass at the Psychedelic Network Festival with our improvisational kraut rock project WICHT, which is basically a collaboration of my other band Wight with jazz trio Nic Demasow. Rene was flown in from Norway - skipping a couple of dates on the MM/MSK tour - just for this gig (fetched him from the airport today), so be there and expect the utter kraut out armegeddon.

Good night

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

Studio report Pt.II

As announced last week via facebook, we have finished the album recordings. While I was still on vacation, Rene and Sperrfeuer Heretic met in a small studio to edit the live recordings and make a first rough mix. Last week on Tuesday, I went in to record guitar overdubs. While I had rhythm and solo guitars readily arranged for some songs, I had no idea what to do on others. We ended up getting a bit creative with arrangements and sounds, actually utilising all five pickup configurations of my Strat. Also, there is one rhythm guitar arrangement we spontaneously made which goes back to an idea by Rene. It does help if the producer is an experienced guitar player, especially for me, originally being a bassist and doing studio recordings on guitar for the first time. Anyway, let me tell you the songs sound FAT with two guitars. I tried to make the parts for the second guitar less dominant so we can still reproduce the sound live, though.

We recorded all Tuesday afternoon and got drunk at Rene's place afterwards. After a quick trip back to my home to finish some emails I had to write and to make some phone calls, we recorded the rest of the electric guitars as well as an acoustic guitar part on Wednesday. After that, we went for the vocals. Two songs on Wednesday night, four songs on Thursday. Although I take some pride in basically being able to scream for quite a while without straining my voice, my throat did hurt after recording vocals and backing vocals for an entire album in merely two days. But I suppose it actually sounds pretty good... or pretty ugly, if you will.

Sperrfeuer and DTM visited in the studio a couple of times, but as bass and drum tracks are completely recorded already, there wasn't much to do. Now, we went back to the rehearsal space yesterday and started working on new stuff immediately. There's one new songs where Sperrfeuer wrote lyrics, which inspired me to write some crazy riffs - let's see how this one turns out.

Next week, we will start mixing the album, after that I'm on tour with my other band - www.wightism.com - which you should definitely check out. Then we need to find someone to get the album out there... we will probably not make a 2012 release, but it will be out in early 2013 for sure.


Montag, 10. September 2012

Studio report Pt.I

So, the first part is done.

On Thursday afternoon, we three and Rene, my bandmate from Wight and producer par excellence, packed up our shit to leave for the studio. Satan was already working, we could tell... the rehearsal on Wednesday was an epic fail for the most part as I was down with a pretty bad cold which had me unsure whether I could even record he next, but I felt better on Thursday morning - and then our drummer couldn't find his car because it got towed. Well, bad luck, we made it anyway.

We set up all our stuff and went for a couple of beers and too little sleep that night. Engineer Jorge Medina arrived on Friday while DTM and Sperrfeuer were getting Sperrfeuer's car, and we started recording in the afternoon. "Exaltation" and "No World To Win, A Life To Lose" went down, while our takes on "Bortrykkelsen" that day weren't really up to par. Did I mention we recorded live, all three of us together in a room?
The evening saw a good barbecue which we were invited to by DTM's parents, which was quite an experience. I actually managed to keep my hands off the beer for most of the evening so I would be fit on Saturday. DTM is a fucking pyromaniac, by the way. ;-)

Main recording day, Saturday. "To Finnmarken" went in in two takes, and today we even recorded a good take of "Bortrykkelsen." One of our oldest songs, but still a bitch to record, I tell you. "Fallen Tyrant Rising" was surprisingly easy to record, as was "Godhate." Sperrfeuer then decided to redo the end blast of "No World To Win," which was a good idea, and we were done with the work! A couple of beers later, we went back in and recorded some bass noise, the most insane guitar feedback ever as well as a couple of jams we might use to create an intro.

Another nice barbecue and a lot of fire and beer that night. While Sperrfeuer, having played blast beats the entire day, was exhausted and went to bed, Rene, DTM and I went off to the local village pub. Quince liquor is defititely the spirit of Satan himself, at least that was what my headache told me on Sunday morning. We spent most of Sunday packing up and getting all the stuff back to our rehearsal room.

Now Rene and I (well, mainly Rene, as I know next to nothing about audio engineering) need to do some editing, you can imagine that's necessary after recording an entire album live in just two days while always playing 10% faster than we should. After that, I will do guitar overdubs for a fatter sound and some little gizmos, then the vocals. I'll keep you updated on how far we are. We're aiming for a December release, but as I said earlier, don't stone us if it gets a bit later, that depends on how much time all the shit needs.

All in all, this was a good experience and a nice weekend, and I'm proud of how far we got since we first started this band. Expect to be blown away by the result!


Freitag, 10. August 2012

Hey out there,

I guess its time for some updates here too. Our web activities are down to a minimum right now as we are preparing to record our debut album. The basic tracks will be recorded live in the studio on September 7th and 8th. Some guitar overdubs and the vocals will be recorded somewhere in September or early October, and I'm meeting up with DTM next week to start working on the cover layout. Don't expect anything fancy, we're talking Black Metal here... but don't worry, it won't be as stripped down as the non-cover to our demo, we're doing an actual artwork this time. The album will contain 6 tracks and clocks in at about 40 minutes. You know we tend to write rather long songs, and you know they're mostly on the fast side these days, so that should be long enough.

I will give some more info on the track list and album title as soon as we have worked it out completely. Depending on how quick the mixing, mastering and the layout shit goes, we are aiming for a November or December release. Don't hit us over the head if we have to postpone it a week or two though, I know how long that stuff usually takes.

We are, of course, looking for gigs, preferably in winter, when our album is out and the athmosphere is right. If you want to book us: mithras_s_i@gmx.de. We'll drive almost anywhere.

Trying to think of more stuff... nope, I think this is it for today.

Keep it black
Mithras on behalf of Fallen Tyrant

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Looks a bit empty here... well, right now we don't have anything new to say. In the meantime, enjoy these videos of us destroying Mainz last year!

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012


This is Darmstadt calling.

We hereby present you the new Fallen Tyrant Command & Control Center. All actions will be planned from here. We're also active on facebook (link in the sidebar), while our myspace account is no longer updated as of now.

Short update on our current mission: No live dates are confirmed until the album recordings in September. We are rehearsing & refining the songs we have been presenting live for the recording.

Be prepared... destruction shall prevail!

Mithras, DTM & Sperrfeuer