Fallen Tyrant Blak Metal Band

Fallen Tyrant Blak Metal Band


26.11.2022 19 Uhr Marburg

Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Samstag, 29. Juni 2013


Piss fuck and shit, our gig with WOE, TERZIJ DE HORDE and PLANKS in September has been cancelled due to WOE cancelling their tour.

Well, tough luck, but nothing can stop the South Hessian Warmachine. We will release our album "No World To Win, A Life To Lose" on August 2nd at a concert at the Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt, 2100 hours. Another gig with Nihlathak on bass by the way.

As a special guest, we welcome our friends FRIGORIS from Essen.

 Don't let their athmospheric, melodic black metal sound let you fool into thinking they're tame - we've played with them in Essen, and these guys are fucking AMAZING! Especially live, they just slay. They'll probably show us up in our own home, but we still invited them - because we care about good black metal.

Okay, that's enough of that wannabe-trve bull shit... but seriously, BE THERE!

Also, you can see the cover artwork of the album below. Sperrfeuer and DTM came up with the concept, and our producer Rene, who is also pretty good at visual art, then made this cover. Click it to enlarge, as it is pretty awesome. We just ordered the CD, flyers and the CD artwork as a 90 x 30 cm poster.