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26.11.2022 19 Uhr Marburg

Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Studio report Pt.III

Hey folks,

first of all, a happy (late) new year to all of you.
We are done, the album is recorded, mixed and mastered in its entirity. Now we need title, artwork and layout – which we are working on – and someone to release it. Needless to say, I'm also working on the latter.

But back a bit. Initially, mixing was to start in November already, but Rene and I both had busy schedules with band, work and university, so that obviously didn't happen. Rene did quite a bit of work over the holidays, so a pretty good rough mix was already done when I returned to Darmstadt in the first week of January. The work on all the details took up the whole of two weeks, though. We had a pretty relaxed schedule, but still, Rene worked his hours in the studio every day with either Sperrfeuer or me present at almost all times. We used the one time DTM showed up to record some gang shouts for „No World To Win, A Life To Lose“ (still affectionately know by its working title „The Panzer Song“) which turned out to be a great addition to the song. Well, not much more to say about the mixing process... Rene did almost all of the work, and a good job too, while Sperrfeuer and I were mostly there to annoy him and make coffee and food. Steve, the guy who actually owns most of the equipment in the studio, showed up a couple of times and gave some valuable advice from his techno / electronic background which Rene was able to make good use of, even when mixing a black metal album.

Mastering was done rather quickly, so the album is complete now. Needless to say, it sounds awesome. Through the live recording, it retains the raw power trio feeling, but isn't even close to necro sound rehearsal recordings in any way. The production satisfies Sperrfeuer's need for a hard hitting metal production as well as my preferences for dirty old school sound and DTMs desire for a heavy bottom end. Be prepared!

We'll keep you updated on all progress concerning the release, but it might still take a while. As there wasn't that much to say about the last two weeks in the studio, here are some pictures I took during that time.


Starting the mix!
Getting a kebab at 5 in the morning after the first session.

Panzer crew ready for the gang shout recordings...

This can't be the solution...

... but this!

Rene and Steve mixing drums

Mithras taking a weekend off, skiing...
Blashyrkh approaching!!

Final mastering.