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Fallen Tyrant Blak Metal Band


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Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Montag, 10. September 2012

Studio report Pt.I

So, the first part is done.

On Thursday afternoon, we three and Rene, my bandmate from Wight and producer par excellence, packed up our shit to leave for the studio. Satan was already working, we could tell... the rehearsal on Wednesday was an epic fail for the most part as I was down with a pretty bad cold which had me unsure whether I could even record he next, but I felt better on Thursday morning - and then our drummer couldn't find his car because it got towed. Well, bad luck, we made it anyway.

We set up all our stuff and went for a couple of beers and too little sleep that night. Engineer Jorge Medina arrived on Friday while DTM and Sperrfeuer were getting Sperrfeuer's car, and we started recording in the afternoon. "Exaltation" and "No World To Win, A Life To Lose" went down, while our takes on "Bortrykkelsen" that day weren't really up to par. Did I mention we recorded live, all three of us together in a room?
The evening saw a good barbecue which we were invited to by DTM's parents, which was quite an experience. I actually managed to keep my hands off the beer for most of the evening so I would be fit on Saturday. DTM is a fucking pyromaniac, by the way. ;-)

Main recording day, Saturday. "To Finnmarken" went in in two takes, and today we even recorded a good take of "Bortrykkelsen." One of our oldest songs, but still a bitch to record, I tell you. "Fallen Tyrant Rising" was surprisingly easy to record, as was "Godhate." Sperrfeuer then decided to redo the end blast of "No World To Win," which was a good idea, and we were done with the work! A couple of beers later, we went back in and recorded some bass noise, the most insane guitar feedback ever as well as a couple of jams we might use to create an intro.

Another nice barbecue and a lot of fire and beer that night. While Sperrfeuer, having played blast beats the entire day, was exhausted and went to bed, Rene, DTM and I went off to the local village pub. Quince liquor is defititely the spirit of Satan himself, at least that was what my headache told me on Sunday morning. We spent most of Sunday packing up and getting all the stuff back to our rehearsal room.

Now Rene and I (well, mainly Rene, as I know next to nothing about audio engineering) need to do some editing, you can imagine that's necessary after recording an entire album live in just two days while always playing 10% faster than we should. After that, I will do guitar overdubs for a fatter sound and some little gizmos, then the vocals. I'll keep you updated on how far we are. We're aiming for a December release, but as I said earlier, don't stone us if it gets a bit later, that depends on how much time all the shit needs.

All in all, this was a good experience and a nice weekend, and I'm proud of how far we got since we first started this band. Expect to be blown away by the result!