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Fallen Tyrant Blak Metal Band


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Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Freitag, 16. November 2012

What's up?


it's been a while. I'm not in a mood to post pointless bullshit every day just to keep you entertained, so I take some time to just post pointless bullshit to keep you entertained every once in a while.

Kidding aside, you might actually want to know what we are doing. Well, I'm back and recovering from a nice tour with Wight, and I really need a vacation, but despite that fact we're not sitting on our lazy asses doing nothing, that's for sure. I have been communicating with some people getting the first 2013 live appearances fixed. We have no album out yet, the local black metal scene isn't doing so well, especially in the live sector, and Sperrfeuer and I also play in other bands which are quite busy, so it's not that easy, but we have some stuff coming up, so stay tuned.

Furthermore, I am having a very creative time right now. For some reason, I usually get creative when I have absolutely no time to work all the ideas out - which is the case right now. I am trying to get myself at least an hour a day to work on new ideas beside my job and studies though, and it kind of works at the moment. Keep in mind I also have to practise quite a bit to keep my bass playing skills up for my other band.
 I presented some riffs for a new song to the other two guys today to a great response, so I guess I'm quite successful with my work flow. Also, we are still working on another new song, which has the fastest and most technically challenging riffs and drum patterns we have done so far.Which doesn't say much considering our amateurish approach at playing instruments, but it's still hard to learn. ;-)

But we ain't done yet. As my bandmate from Wight, Rene, who is in charge of producing and mixing our album, is currently on tour as the sound engineer for My Sleeping Karma, who support Monster Magnet on their current European tour, the mixing dates are postponed to December. Meanwhile, we have some time to take care of the artwork. I must admit that it's quite hard for me - I'm a creative musician, but I have less than zero imagination when it comes to visual art. Luckily, I have band mates who are a bit different. Our stage imagery is based on ideas by DTM and Sperrfeuer, and it's going to be the same with the album artwork. The guys had a very creative evening tonight, with me only sitting around, drinking good Hessian beer and saying "Hey, that's great!" or "Fuck hell, this looks horrible!" every once in a while. We're not done yet by a long shot, but it is starting to take shape.

Well, that's it for today. Tomorrow, I will be heading to Würzburg to play bass at the Psychedelic Network Festival with our improvisational kraut rock project WICHT, which is basically a collaboration of my other band Wight with jazz trio Nic Demasow. Rene was flown in from Norway - skipping a couple of dates on the MM/MSK tour - just for this gig (fetched him from the airport today), so be there and expect the utter kraut out armegeddon.

Good night