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Fallen Tyrant Blak Metal Band


26.11.2022 19 Uhr Marburg

Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Freitag, 10. August 2012

Hey out there,

I guess its time for some updates here too. Our web activities are down to a minimum right now as we are preparing to record our debut album. The basic tracks will be recorded live in the studio on September 7th and 8th. Some guitar overdubs and the vocals will be recorded somewhere in September or early October, and I'm meeting up with DTM next week to start working on the cover layout. Don't expect anything fancy, we're talking Black Metal here... but don't worry, it won't be as stripped down as the non-cover to our demo, we're doing an actual artwork this time. The album will contain 6 tracks and clocks in at about 40 minutes. You know we tend to write rather long songs, and you know they're mostly on the fast side these days, so that should be long enough.

I will give some more info on the track list and album title as soon as we have worked it out completely. Depending on how quick the mixing, mastering and the layout shit goes, we are aiming for a November or December release. Don't hit us over the head if we have to postpone it a week or two though, I know how long that stuff usually takes.

We are, of course, looking for gigs, preferably in winter, when our album is out and the athmosphere is right. If you want to book us: mithras_s_i@gmx.de. We'll drive almost anywhere.

Trying to think of more stuff... nope, I think this is it for today.

Keep it black
Mithras on behalf of Fallen Tyrant