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Fallen Tyrant Blak Metal Band


26.11.2022 19 Uhr Marburg

Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Hey out there,

this is Mithras. Been a while again, but we're still here and still busy. We recently did a few live shows, the first one with Solbrud from Denmark in a small little cellar in Frankfurt. I had driven all the way from Berlin to get there, as I was gigging with my other band and another side project, and Nihlathak was tired as fuck from a party the night before. The gig was pretty good though, but note the glitter curtain behind us on the - otherwise epic - pic below.

Dreikönnigskeller Frankfurt, March 2015.

Solbrud ripped it up that night as well, so all around a nice little underground black metal concert not too far away from home.

"Stuttgart, we are in you," April 2015
Back to rehearsals for a few weeks, before we took off for Stuttgart and Oberhausen in April. "Gaby's Gruft" in Stuttgart, were we opened for Pest Empire and Fortress Black (Narvik had canceled their appeareance. This was also the gig mentioned in the post earlier, that was supposed to be "boycotted" by the NSBM scene. Which as far as I know didn't have anything to do with Narvik's cancellation.), turned out to be a small Goth bar in a basement that smelled, to quote Nihlathak, "as if someone had wiped the floor with fucking onions." Not to mention it got worse once we lit up the frankincense, everyone in the audience was smoking, and Pest Empire started the hazer from hell, which led to visibility in there going down to zero. Anyways, a pretty good, if a bit sweaty and smelly, gig in the end with pretty good audience turn.out. It's really funny how different audiences react to the different parts of our songs... while in Frankfurt the d-beat and more thrashy parts really got people moving, Stuttgart's people seem to love the blast beats.

Gaby's Gruft, shredding for Satan...
... while trying not to hit our heads on the fucking chandelier.

After a long night drive back to Darmstadt and a good night's sleep, we loaded up again the next day for our gig in Oberhausen, supporting Thyrgrim and Northern Plague. Well, good venue, well-organized concert, just the attendance was sub-par, as Satyricon were basically playing next door. Actually, there was an okay amount of people, but they looked a bit lost in the large hall, and I guess our rock star friends from Thyrgrim were expecting a bit more. Anyway, nights like that happen to everyone - for us, it was totally fine, and we pulled off a short, but sweet show to pretty good audience reception. A necro-quality video of "Children of a Nuclear Dawn" was shot, see below. Sperrfeuer had some trouble with a sliding drum stool there, but it's still a pretty good live version - only that the sound quality is utter shite.

Fun fact of the night - one of our chandeliers was standing in the breeze caused by the stage ventilation. We had put new candles on it before the show, and after 35 minutes there was just a huge pool of wax on the floor, and the candles had vanished.

Anyways, got a speeding ticket on the way back to Darmstadt fro driving FUCKING 120 ON THE AUTOBAHN AT NIGHT. But all in all, a pretty good weekend with two good shows - it always feels best doing two or more shows in a row.

Currently, we've been rehearsing "Astronomy" a lot as Nihlathak and I will record vocals coming Tuesday. But I'll write more about that another time.

Stay tuned,

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