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Fallen Tyrant Blak Metal Band


26.11.2022 19 Uhr Marburg

Children Of A Nuclear Dawn

Freitag, 2. Januar 2015

Here's to 2015!

Come forth the end-of-year rant!

Only that there will be none this year, as nobody has managed to piss me off recently enough to justify ranting and rambling. I'll take a short moment and reflect on how 2014 has been going for us, though.

Basically, we have played only a few live gigs and spent most of the time in our rehearsal space. It's not exactly been a busy year, but a very creative one, and we have managed to come up with almost an hour's worth of songs. We'll be recording some of them in early February, the rest will follow as soon as we have time, money and the ability to play them flawlessly. As much as I still think the (much criticized) harsh and dirty sound on our last album was the right choice for those songs, I think we will take a slightly different approach this time. We will still record live in the studio, but our new stuff has turned out to be a bit more intricate and complicated songwriting-wise, so they deserve a sound that's a bit "cleaner."

Speaking of songwriting - have I mentioned before that we're actually working on a kind of concept album? Not that we have some kind of storyline, but the lyrics are a lot more connected this time, as opposed to the last album, where I wrote them over a period of 5 years. From the arising world political situation at the time (mind you, BEFORE the Ukraine and IS clusterfucks) we decided to deal with the topic of dystopia and the decay of industrialized societies. It's probably been done to death before, but we'll present our take, dealing with the shit that's been going on and a left hand path view on it. Hopefully without delving into horror-movie-we're-all-gonna-die-covered-in-blisters-and-fistraped-by-demons scenarios.

And we're quite serious about it... I mean, I personally don't expect a thermonuclear apocalypse anytime soon (which is why it's not really appearing on our album either), but the party as we know it might definitely be over within our lifetime. Now you decide whether that's a good or a bad thing, opinions on that probably even vary within the band. Which is reflected in the lyrics, which I didn't write all alone this time.

Anyways, stay tuned and visit us at our concert on January 31st in Darmstadt, we'll already be presenting a few songs off the upcoming album there.

I close this with a thank you to my band mates who have worked with me tirelessly to craft one after the other piece of black art. 2015 will stand in the sign of the Tyrant. Now, enjoy New Year's Eve, everyone.



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