Dienstag, 20. August 2013

Press coverage

By now, we've gotten a bit more press coverage. Everything from "atrocious" through "mediocre headbanging bullshit" up to "fucking awesome" has been said by now. Listen to it, make up your own mind.

Here are links to all reviews so far:

French Metal (French, very favourable)
Pest Webzine (English, 8/10)
Schlachtenruf (German, no rating, very unfavourable)
Legacy Printzine (German, 11/15)
Metalwave (Italian, 69/100)
Sturmglanz (German, no rating, very favourable)
Ancient Spirit (German, 7/12)
Hell Is Open (German, 8/10)
Wings Of Death (Dutch, no rating, favourable)
Time For Metal (German, 8,5/10)
Crossfire Metal (German, 7/10)
Undergrounded (German, 7/10 - gave us 8,5/10 musically, but criticized the short length of the album.)
The Metal Crypt (English, 4/5)
Lords Of Metal (Dutch, 68/100, English version here)
FFM Rock (German, no rating, favourable)
Heavy Metal Tribune (English, no rating, favourable. Guy published the same review on metal-archives and gave us 70% there.)
Burn Your Ears (German, 6/10)
Hateful Metal (German, no rating, favourable)
Infernal Masquerade (English, 89/100)
Metal Observer (English, 7,5/10) (German, 9/10) (German, 3/5)  (German, 5/10)
Legacy Online (German, 7/15) (German, 7/10)
Voices from the Dark Side (English, no rating, very favourable) (German, 5.5/10)

Also, there are great pics of our release gig online at Nature Of Music, as well as a good live review of the concert in German at

A short interview with Mithras can be found at Pest Webzine.

Check it out!

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