Mittwoch, 14. August 2013



since the release, our album has been thoroughly trashed by some the bigger webzines. Main criticism was the sound, which is apparently too necro for them. Rest assured that we know what we are doing and that "No World To Win, A Life To Lose" sounds EXACTLY like we wanted it to sound, and if you don't like it, so be it.

Still, if you came to this site from one of the shitty reviews that make it out as some kind of second "Under A Funeral Moon" or "Drawing Down The Moon," feel free to click on the embedded bandcamp player on the right and listen for yourself.

On a side note, that sorry excuse for a journalist from Legacy can go fuck himself in the neck with a rusty knife. We have no problem with someone not liking our music and our way of doing things, but if you want to write a bad review, at least have the decency and write it yourself instead of piecing it together from other people, especially when you accuse bands of being unoriginal. Read the Legacy review and then the ones from, and, and you'll know what I'm talking about.


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